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An electroencephalogram (EEG) measures electrical activity in the brain. At Consultants in Epilepsy & Neurology PLLC in Boise, Idaho, Robert Wechsler, MD, PHD, FAES, FAAN, and Jessica Bishop, MPAS, PA-C, perform EEGs to diagnose epilepsy and monitor seizure activity after starting treatment. To schedule an EEG, call the office or book an appointment online today.


What is an electroencephalogram (EEG)?

An EEG is a diagnostic test that measures electrical activity in the brain. During the test, electrodes are applied to your scalp. These electrodes detect the electrical activity in your brain cells and transmit that information to a computer, which displays the information as a graph.

The EEG allows Dr. Wechsler to evaluate brain activity and brainwaves and look for deviations in patterns that might suggest abnormal activity like seizures. 

Who needs an EEG?

EEGs assist in diagnosing many brain disorders. Dr. Wechsler determines who needs an EEG after an initial consultation. He may recommend the test to diagnose epilepsy or monitor the effectiveness of his treatment plan for your epilepsy.

EEGs also help diagnose conditions that involve the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease or narcolepsy, a type of sleep disorder. 

How do I prepare for an EEG?

Dr. Wechsler provides set guidelines on how to prepare for an EEG. He requests you wash your hair before the test, but avoid using any hair conditioning or other hair products. 

Dr. Wechsler may also make changes to your medication schedule if he thinks they might interfere with the results of your test. During your initial consultation, it’s important that you share with him all the medications and supplements you take so you get an accurate reading.

Avoid any caffeine-containing products 8-12 hours before your test. Dr. Wechsler also asks that you eat before your test to prevent low blood sugar, which may affect the results of your EEG.

What happens during an EEG?

Dr. Wechsler reviews what you can expect during your EEG at your initial consultation. For the test, he has you sit or lie on an exam chair or table. He places the electrodes strategically on your scalp.

He requests you close your eyes, relax, and lie back during your EEG. Once you start the EEG, you need to remain still. Your provider at Consultants in Epilepsy & Neurology PLLC monitors the EEG readings in a nearby exam room.

An EEG test may take one to two hours. After your EEG, your provider removes your electrodes and provides additional instructions based on the results.

Schedule your EEG by calling Consultants in Epilepsy & Neurology PLLC or booking an appointment online today.